A new ‘Home of Cycling’ identity, bringing fans closer to their heroes.

With the Grand Tour season now in full swing, Eurosport is delivering unrivaled coverage of cycling’s most prestigious races on TV and online. Covering over 2,500 hours across 200 days of live cycling, from more than 110 professional events, Eurosport remains the undisputed ‘Home of Cycling’ in Europe for all passionate fans of the sport. DixonBaxi and Eurosport have partnered once again to create a stand out identity and live race system for all cycling content across digital and on air.

A classic look. A digital solution augmenting the race experience. Chapeau!

With cycling such a visually stimulating discipline, there was a wealth of imagery, photography, and experience that inspired the ‘Home of Cycling’ identity: from the passion of the fans with their vibrancy, energy and their vivid encouragement on the road; to the classic heritage of cycling, inspired by the badges and crests found on the bike frames; and of course the colours and designs of the race jerseys which have their own historical and contemporary associations.

Allez! Allez! Allez! A fully live race system helping fans get closer to the peloton – and their heroes – than ever before.

Colour-coding to tie in with the race at hand; an icon suite to pinpoint critical moments and data-sets; team and race jerseys to drive team/rider recognition and highlight the most successful riders at any given moment; maps, topologies and course infographics that communicate in-stage contests, mountain grades and waypoints with total clarity.

A high performing graphics system to deliver context and storytelling from within the race.

A bespoke typeface that looks like it’s been rolled right onto the asphalt.

Titles and social-media-ready kits celebrate the vibrancy of the race and the passion of the fans and feature a custom-made font. We drew inspiration from the painted messages that are synonymous with the greatest cycle races in the world and made a headline font with a bold, hand wrought feel that looks like it’s been rolled right onto the asphalt.

A design language that amplifies the sport.

Pictograms, inspired by the brand typeface, have been crafted to communicate key race events – from victory to abandonment as well as topological and course features such as cobblestones, climbs or sprints. These are key to multi-lingual broadcasts and social streams and enable instantaneous communication across all the territories.

More to come.

Eurosport’s broadcast coverage of the Tour de France starts on July 7 from on Eurosport 1 and with comprehensive digital coverage at eurosport.com/cycling and via the integrated Eurosport app.