Drawing on Dutch football culture for FOX Sports Netherlands rebrand.

Rebranding Fox Sports Netherlands from the ground-up with a new, streamlined logo and a brand language inspired by ‘Total Football’ where the whole team works together to create a system that allows free movement and self-expression and has become synonymous with Dutch football.

How do we create ‘The Home of Dutch Football’?

FOX Sports has total coverage of Eredivisie in the Netherlands and is the only place to experience Dutch football. For the 1m+ subscribers, it offers in-depth coverage and around-the-clock updates all season. The heart of the challenge was to transform FOX Sports – which had a distinctly bold US-centric look to the ‘Home of Dutch Football’ and make it more in sync with the needs of the localised Eredivisie-led focus of the Netherlands brand.

Soaking up the atmosphere.

To help understand what the Eredivisie means to the Dutch a small DixonBaxi squad set off on a tour of the Netherlands to take in a few games. From soaking up the atmosphere of ‘De Klassieker’ to a fiercely competitive mid-table clash, the team got to experience different sides of the league and FOX Sports coverage from the pitch to behind the scenes.

Understanding fans love their clubs more than the league.

The team gained a new understanding of the Eredivisie, the fans and the clubs. These insights led to an ambition to better represent the loyalty and passion of the supporters by heroing the clubs that are so central to their lives.

A refined FOX Sports logo for a Dutch audience.

An essential part of the process to make FOX Sports Netherlands feel more localised was to streamline the FOX Sports logo and identity. DixonBaxi stripped back the logo to its most recognisable features and updated the typography. The new logo is simpler and confident – more in keeping with Dutch design and more practical for cross-platform use.

A cross-platform design system inspired by Total Football.

A simple square grid system is the foundation of our whole design language. Inspired by Total Football, where the entire team works together to create a system that allows free movement and self-expression and has become synonymous with Dutch football.

Scale and position interchange seamlessly to create a distinctive motion language.

Every aspect of the design was defined by the square grid. From a bespoke monospaced typeface to a modular system for all on-air match graphics that has endless potential.

A brand for the 24/7 fan.

Beyond the on-air experience, we created a brand that would cater for today’s 24/7 fans. The flexible design language and clear editorial principles are ideally suited to creating a rich suite of content to keep supporters engaged all week online, through social and around the stadiums.

“We’re very confident that it will help us in achieving our ambition that we have as a brand.”

Jan Bonjer
Fox Networks Group, Director Marketing & Creative

Sparta: A bespoke typeface.

We worked with type designer Ondrej Jób (Urtd) to develop ‘Sparta’ a bespoke typeface for FOX Sports. Named after the oldest professional team in Dutch Football, the bold graphic style encapsulates the energy and upfront attitude of the fans. Its distinctive square, monospaced style is designed to fit into the square grid structure – allowing it to move and react in motion like a team in full flow.

Wearing the club colours with pride.

Understanding the importance of the clubs in the lives of fans was a crucial part of the process. DixonBaxi decided to hero the clubs, their crests, and team colours to create a connection with the supporters. The often, primary colours of the clubs created an uncompromising aesthetic and using the colours of the opposing teams in heads-to-heads intensified the sense of the competition and rivalry.

Letting the game take centre stage.

When it comes to kick-off, the game is the primary focus on-air. DixonBaxi built a modular match-graphics kit that would cover every eventuality of the game but never gets in the way of the action.

The principal asset, the score clock, became the hub of all information, seamlessly reacting to live game events and giving detailed information concisely.

Capturing the matchday atmosphere.

Dutch supporters are some of the most passionate and vocal in Europe. The stands rock with chanting and are full of colourful flags and flares. To capture this sense of rivalry and tribalism for the viewers at home, DixonBaxi developed ‘Banter Bumpers’.

‘Banter Bumpers’ sit either side of the commercial breaks to represent the two sets of supporters at a game.

Creating the ‘Home of Dutch Football’ for 1m+ FOX Sports Netherlands subscribers.