Uniting two global VFX powerhouses with the power of storytelling.

With Academy Awards for films such as Blade Runner 2049, Ex Machina and Interstellar, Double Negative is recognised as one of the most accomplished VFX studios in the industry. Their merger with Prime Focus ranked as one of the largest VFX businesses in the world, has created a new industry powerhouse.

Defining the ethos, culture and ambition.

Our challenge was to unify two businesses behind a single-minded purpose that distilled the legacy and spirit of both brands. We travelled across the world to meet their teams, from London to Vancouver to Mumbai. What we discovered was an insatiable drive to excel, chart new territories and invent new ways to tell stories. We saw a culture that empowered people to succeed – “where everyone is an Oscar winner”. Working with these shared values we developed a brand purpose, core values and communications strategy based on ‘the positive power of storytelling.’   

A new name. A new logo.

Leveraging Double Negative’s industry moniker – DNEG – we were able to take a bold step forward while retaining the heritage and brand equity of the company’s illustrious 20-year history. We designed a new logotype that is confident, modern and iconic. The D and G mirror each other in a subtle suggestion of constant motion and transformation.

A focus on craft, story and collaboration.

We created a refined, premium brand system that focusses on, and gives space to, the craft, stunning VFX for films, tv, animation and the people that make stories that the world experiences.

The ‘Aperture’ design system.

The brand language is intentionally pared back and restrained, featuring an ‘aperture’ – a graphic system that reflects the way we see the world. A visual metaphor, suggesting constant motion, moving forward and transformation. It is used to frame, focus, magnify and represent time. 

Refined and premium expression.

The aperture highlights the detail and craft that goes into every single frame and the people behind it. It informs the way the brand moves and reacts: from the UI and iconography on the website; to the day/night cycle of the clocks for each office.

Powerful simplicity for the pinnacle of VFX.

Immersive, iconic frames and key art of films are used confidently. Images of the team are crisp portraits against the brand colours. Monochromatic reportage photography captures behind the scenes moments. A modern and muted palette of colours support the primary ‘coral’ orange of the brand. 

Created to unify and inspire the global team.

The rebrand rolls out through the logo, tone of voice, a new website, studio interiors, merchandise, stationery and clothing for the crew on set.

“The opportunity for radical transformation was at the heart of the project. Our partnership with DNEG, allowed us to get inside the businesses and distil what mattered most. We are proud to have built a clear vision for the global team and honoured to be part of their new story.”

Astrid D’Hondt, Senior Creative, DixonBaxi