An expressionistic brand for a rapidly transforming Canada Water.

DixonBaxi partners with British Land on a once in a generation opportunity to reimagine Canada Water – home of the iconic Printworks, the docks, a storied history and vibrant communities – as a new town centre in the heart of London. A radical and ambitious, transformational project – on a scale not seen in centuries – that stretches across 53 acres and over the next 12 years and beyond.

Uniting the pioneers of today and tomorrow.

A beautifully simple logotype celebrates the spirit, landscape and connectivity of Canada Water. Upward strokes in the letters suggest positivity and the future, while the link between the two words suggest the connection of water to nature and Canada Water to the city.

A strategy built on the birthplace of leaders and mavericks.

We looked 10 years ahead, blending insights from the past with the future. We immersed ourselves in the heritage, culture and provenance of Canada Water – digging deep into the archives of the peninsula to truly understand its unique ethos. We discovered that Canada Water is defined by the resilience of its community, as the birthplace of leaders and mavericks.

Blue and green at heart.

At Canada Water, landscapes, communities and ideas come together in new, unexpected ways. Canada Water is green at heart, blue in heritage, and ideally placed. The brand celebrates the unique natural landscape and central location while blurring the lines too demonstrate a more fluid way of life.

Overlapping communities, history and experiences.

Central to the brand are ‘Gestures’ – bold, sweeping strokes that evoke the fluidity of water and suggest elements of the landscape, architecture and community, all in constant evolution, layered and changing. Inspired by the spontaneity and painterly style of abstract expressionism, they are open to interpretation, evolving every time they are seen.

Local stories, beautifully told.

We partnered with artist Jay Cover to imbue the brand with a warm, whimsical series of line work illustrations that reveal mini stories of life at Canada Water. A lively contrast between the buzzing urban centre and the natural landscape of the woodlands.

Connected to the city. Connected to nature.

From signage systems and materials to fabrics and films we developed a complete framework for the brand and service to scale across high-profile developments in London.

Inspired by the story of Canada Water.

The colour palette is bright, vibrant and sampled from local areas and historical icons from local bridges to the docks. We chose Karelia as the primary typeface for its organic curvature and contrasting geometric forms for a distinctive look while typographic layouts feel conversational and evoke a sense of rhythm and journey.

Bright, warm and inviting.

With so many needs across the neighbourhood from new buildings, streets, digital, marketing and consumer needs, the brand system is both singular and highly flexible. Unmistakable in its visual clarity.

Inspiring. Ever-changing.

The brand will evolve as the neighbourhood changes. Finding new ways to bring sustainable, integrated approaches to how the brand is used and integrated respectfully into the community. Tapping into the powerfully history while leading the change to a bright future.

‘What I love most is the brand’s exceptional flexibility. It manages to capture references to a proud past and exciting future with a spirit of constant change and optimism.’

Alexandra Maclean, Head of Marketing, Canada Water