A vibrant rebrand of UKTV Gold that liberates how ‘funny’ makes you feel.

We have created a fun, optimistic, infectious look that challenges over-seriousness for a simply brighter day. The new ‘pulley logo’ is an invitation to participate – more than a tag – it’s an active trigger attached to the content and real life – pull it and see where funny takes you.

UKTV Marketing Director, Simon Michaelides said, “This bold brand refresh for Gold, will enhance the channel’s entertainment proposition and widen the audience that it reaches with its mix of best-loved British and US content.”

A new brand positioning – ‘Where Funny Takes You’.

We worked closely with UKTV across 6 months to develop the brand’s positioning, voice, and visual identity. The brand refresh is a significant change to the on-screen offering including a new logo and vibrant idents and graphics package designed to delight and remind the audience how funny makes them feel.

8 live-action idents bring the feeling of funny to life.

The palette reflects the ‘brighter side of life’, while the tone of voice is full of big, chewy language that’s friendly, familiar and sometimes a bit made up. Seen in the graphic bumpers, the words pop-up in response to a cheeky tug on the logo. The idents are an eclectic and visually rich mix of shots that feature instantly recognisable metaphors that are fun and uplifting.

A series of witty statements pop up across the on-air brand. Giving people a little burst of joy.

Live-action shoot with hundreds of props, toys, sweets, jelly, dogs, cats and 7 hamsters.