A playful, optimistic and proud brand for the leading Dutch pop radio station, QMusic.

QMusic is the leading commercial radio station in Belgium and the third largest radio station in Flanders. We were tasked with developing the brand strategy and creating a bold new identity that needed to put the audience at the centre and better express the vibrant energy of the radio station, live-music festivals and events.


A new brand strategy built on the idea that ‘life’s better when you take part’.

A strapline that puts fans at the heart of the brand.

An expressive and unapologetically vibrant brand that pops online, festivals, merchandise and sound studios.

A bespoke icon set that expresses the vibrant energy of Q Music in the smallest details.

The ‘pulse’ is a sound reactive pattern that reflects the musical signature in tracks. The pattern is used to frame talent with their bespoke visual look.

“We asked DixonBaxi to think about a completely new brand identity with one strong ambition: Put our listeners at the centre. DixonBaxi created a brand world that perfectly reflects what QMusic is all about: POP – playful, optimistic and proud!.”

Koen Kreynen, Brand & Communication