A radical, new global TV experience for Premier League.

We have designed and created a radical, new TV experience for the world’s most watched football league. Changing the game for over 2 billion fans around the world. Football will never be the same. Show titles, in-match graphics, augmented-reality, touch-screen, studio graphics, all united by a unique ‘Field of Play’ motion behaviour and an epic, official Premier League soundtrack.

‘Field of Play’ design language transforms the experience.

The graphics system is the canvas, the playing field, and the world that the game statistics play out on.It moves fluidly bringing a complex world of live data including league tables, charts, player profiles, in-match information together as a connected whole. It underpins the Premier League brand and enhances the game.

Crafting every single detail behind the game across hundreds of elements.

‘Field of Play’ motion theory influenced by on-the-field movement.

Show titles are powerful and human, building excitement, energy, involving the fans and celebrating players and clubs.

Selected as one of 62 global ‘Designs of the Year’ and exhibited in the Design Museum, London.

“DixonBaxi brought the elements to life on air, creating a look and feel that challenged the conventions of sports graphics.”

Abraham Thomas.
Curator, Smithsonian