Premier League
Global TV experience.


We were asked to create a radical, new TV experience for the world’s most watched football league. Changing the game for over 2 billion fans around the world. Show titles, in-match graphics, augmented-reality, touch-screen, studio graphics.


Following the new Premier League brand identity, by Design Studio, we stretched the visual expression in all directions to create a modern, radically new sports brand world that encompasses the hundreds of facets of the live games, the pre-and-post show analysis, and all the debate all united by a unique ‘Field of Play’ motion behaviour and an epic, official Premier League anthem.


A graphic system that moves fluidly and underpins the Premier League experience and enhances the game. Seamless, highly reactive and interactive brand language that delivers a multi-language, multi-platform experience to billions of fans worldwide. Bold enough to decorporatise the world of on-air sports branding and change the game. Premier League is the World’s league.

Gold Award at Promax Global Excellence Awards 2017.

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The graphic system is the canvas, the playing field and the world that the game statistics play out on. It moves fluidly bringing a complex world of live data including league tables, charts, player profiles, in-match information together as a connected whole. Live and Immersive. The ‘Field Of Play’ graphic system delivers immersive content dynamically to support the programming in the completely new Premier League studio environment. From the table-top touchscreen to real-time Augmented Reality which enhances the football experience with player, team and match data that the presenters will interact with.

Changing the game for over 2 billion fans around the world.

A new radical TV experience for the world’s most watched football league.

‘Field of Play’. A unique design language.

Motion language inspired by the game.

Show titles. Powerful and human.

A broader visual and tonal language that adds depth to the brand.

Specification guidelines that go into the detail of each and every element for the TV experience.