A new brand for Mixcloud Select, a “fan-to-creator” subscription service, where both creators and artists come first.

Founded with the objective of championing music and the creators behind it, Mixcloud innovates the concept of a fan and artist’s relationship with ‘Select’. Making a faceless and cold interaction more human by creating communities all around the world.

Defining and naming the pioneering service.

In a 3-week creative sprint with the Mixcloud founders and team, we developed a strategy, proposition and name for the service. ‘Select’ is a pioneering move toward building a “fair and sustainable ecosystem” that works for audio creators, artists, and listeners. The name is both simple to understand and easy to remember and reinforces the idea of making a choice when selecting audio content but also to be part of a community.

Humanising the technology.

Artists, producers, radio presenters or insatiable crate diggers are usually hidden behind a profile, where the interaction between them and their subscribers can be as fast as light speed. Mixcloud came to us searching for a brand and voice for the new service where both creators and listeners could break that barrier.

“We want to enable fans to get closer to the culture and communities they care about, while ensuring that everyone involved in the creative process is recognized and rewarded accordingly.”

Nico Perez, co-founder of Mixcloud.