A refresh of FOX International Channels across Europe, Asia and Latin America with a bold and captivating brand identity.

In a close partnership with FOX International Channels creative team, we’ve redesigned the TV channel brand identity across Europe, Asia and Latin America. Inspired by the studio’s 80+ years of ground-breaking entertainment, we’ve reinterpreted the classic searchlights and fanfare into a bold and captivating graphic system, which will be deployed across broadcast, print, outdoor, online and social media in over 250 million homes outside the USA.

How do we create a unified and iconic visual identity across 125 countries?

The challenge was to come up with a consistent message across three completely different territories, while ensuring a flexible look that allows local teams to make it their own. Over a 6-month development, in collaboration with FOX International Channels, we’ve created a modern interpretation of the studio’s iconic searchlights and fanfare and brought that to life in a bold, confident brand.

The ‘Light Beam’ – a modern expression of the classic searchlights.

Light has always played a role in the FOX brand, the new identity uses a ‘light beam’ to illuminate, connect, reveal and spotlight iconic characters and stories. It inspired a dynamic motion theory based on discovery and storytelling by being constantly in motion as it guides viewers through immersive stories.

Unmistakably FOX

To make a clear connection between FOX and their greatest asset – the shows – we created a system for locking the FOX logo up with the show logos. This simple system unified the show titles across the channel, creating instant brand recognition with their global roster of content.

“They were quick to grasp the need and pitch a new graphic approach rooted in a profound understanding of our brand DNA.”

Corina Capuano, Vice President Creative and Branding – FOX International