Gamifying the future of electric street racing for Formula E.

An immersive, new experience that reimagines the future of electric street racing through innovative race graphics, heroic title sequences, augmented-reality and head-up-display systems that transform and gamify the viewing experience. A motion behaviour inspired by inertia underpins the precise infographics that translate the live telemetry data in real-time.

Evolved UI – Enhancing the unfolding race story.

We created a framework that highlights athlete, technical and telemetric data. Designed to give a deeper understanding of the race story – highlighting the stresses and strains the drivers and his car experience as they endure the tight street circuits. These systems are integrated into driver Heads-Up-Display to reveal the race information from their immersive point-of-view. The iconic grid walk is enhanced with augmented-reality, and the inclusion of bold live-action driver and graphics reveals.

We immersed ourselves in the world from the POV of fans, drivers, pit-crew, and teams.

We travelled to the races in different cities to interview fans, meet the crews and shadow the drivers. Getting up close to the action, inside the pit-lane, track-side, stadiums, and cars themselves. It’s a crucial aspect of our approach that informs the design innovations that enhance the race experience on screen.

Fan Boost – engaging fans with an active role in the race.

Formula E is the only event in the world that lets fans play an active role in influencing the outcome of the race. FANBOOST gives fans the opportunity to vote for their favourite driver and award them an extra boost of power during the race.

A design system unified by a motion theory inspired by ‘inertia’.

With the critical information delivered in the ‘race tower,’ we have innovated several new systems: reactive battery level monitors, representative race positions, active pit lane indicators – as well as creating bold timing indicators, driver ID’s and full frame graphics.  Everything is infused with the Formula E brand identity and driven by the kinetic ‘chevron’ brand device. Its motion underpinned by the idea of precision power, massive transfer of energy and bold inertia.

The Formula E next-generation graphics system is fully responsive to race conditions.

“This is a revolution. Formula E is going to shape the way we drive our cars in the future.” Alejandro Agag, Founder, and CEO.