Great Films. First.


We’ve defined a new strategy and brand identity for Sony Pictures Television (SPT) Networks’ Dutch premium movie channel and streaming service Film1. Available across five premium channels and digital platforms including PlayStation® Plus. We love films – who doesn’t? But with so many, even with the premium selection Film 1 features we sometimes want a guide. That led us to focus the brand strategy around the idea of curation, of selecting and focussing on premium entertainment.


A minimal and intelligent UI system called the ‘Dial’ which represents the catalogue of content which can be ‘selected’. An innovative TV and digital experiences, the Dial defines the way Film1 looks, moves and reacts. Acting as a guide it feels like a tactile and weighted device that scans and selects perfect content for Film1 viewers.


We worked closely with the SPT team in LA, London and Amsterdam to develop the brand which launched in September 2016. The brand features a new logo, five colour-coded sub-brand identities which come to life through the Dial as part of the TV experience and in print, interiors, digital apps, merchandise and outdoor advertising.

A new bold offering
from entertainment
giant Sony, Film1 is
a premium mark.

The ‘Dial’. A new UI.

‘The Dial’ motion rationale.

Specification for a powerful
design language.