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The Eurosport project is more than a rebranding exercise. It is a reputational change programme for the business that puts fans first and then builds everything around them – from sharing the greatest sporting moments to giving them the experience that fuels their passion. The result is a modern brand that is ready to become the global destination for sport by delivering an unparalleled, immersive viewing experience.


Eurosport starts with a new brand identity designed in collaboration with Pentagram. We then developed a comprehensive design scheme to deliver a consistent and engaging experience across all screens and media platforms, making the Eurosport brand unique, recognisable and distinctive. Capturing the immediacy of the ‘peak moments’ of sport. Nothing is staged, everything is immediate and authentic and enables fans of all ages to engage with the sports they love anywhere, anytime and on any device.


The biggest rebrand in Eurosport’s 26-year history from a trusted brand to a loved brand. A change programme for the business that puts fans first and builds everything around them. Giving them experiences that fuels their passion across 16 websites and six TV channels, with 243 million cumulative subscribers across 99 countries. is Europe’s No.1 online sports news website with up to 23 million visitors each month.

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The biggest rebrand in Eurosport’s 26 year history.

Fuelling the passion of fans everywhere. Connecting them with their sporting heroes.

The ‘Dashboard’ is a unique design and motion language. A pared back UI information system used across every touchpoint.

The ‘Dashboard’ acts as a navigational system through which highly considered and crafted information graphics fluidly guide the viewer through the experience: from the range of sports to event menus, league tables, player statistics and more. It is designed to be discreet, clear and driven by function allowing the sports imagery to be beautifully immersive and expansive. In motion, its behaviour has been choreographed to flow seamlessly and be responsive across TV, desktop and mobile.

The brand focusses on the ‘peak’ moments in sport where the drama lives.

The on-air experience is designed to feel live and immersive, capturing the immediacy of sport. We spent a lot of time getting under the skin, immersing ourselves in what we call the ‘Peak Moments’ of sport, where the drama lives. These moments tell individual sport stories that we have ruthlessly dissected to reveal the true heartbeat within a race, game or event, the things that make the difference. We directed a series of idents across tennis, motorsport, athletics and more that feature fan, player and the emotion that drives them.

Immersive idents place the viewer inside the sport.

Comprehensive brand and specification guidelines for 100’s of elements across TV, digital and print.

A comprehensive brand guidelines covering all aspects of the new Eurosport brand have been created in order to ensure it is coherent and consistent across different platforms and regions. Printed as a hard bound book as well as in digital editions for ease of access. Every element of the brand has been defined and coded to create a flexible and robust system for the Eurosport team. This is coupled with continued training and refinement to meet daily needs.