Global rebrand that reflects the belief that “Truth Is Worth Pursuing”.

Continuing A+E Networks’ rich, 20+ year legacy in the true crime space which utilises unprecedented access to a vast number of law enforcement agencies cultivated through integrity of production and truthful storytelling, Crime + Investigation will evolve, taking viewers to places far beyond any other crime channel. C+I will redefine the genre by exploring fascinating insights into what makes people tick – their greatest hopes and aspirations, deepest fears and darkest motivations.

An ‘incident room’ for the strategic and creative process.

We created an ‘incident room’ that evolved with the project to reflect the research, insight, strategy and creative expression. Client teams from US, Europe and UK met at our studio in London for workshops, presentations, and reviews as part of a truly collaborative partnership.

A clearer positioning and a more contemporary look and feel.

“Crime + Investigation has long taken a unique and intelligent approach to the true crime genre. We do what we do because truth is worth pursuing – through powerful storytelling across multiple platforms. We now have a clearer positioning and a more contemporary look and feel – one which is fresh, bold and unexpected. We made some brave decisions with our channel partners on logo design, imagery, use of typography and brand spots. The result is a distinctive, modern package about which we are all hugely proud and which we know viewers will enthusiastically embrace.” – Amanda Hill, CMO, A+E Networks

Live-action idents invite viewers to become life’s investigators.

Authentic, tactile imagery constrasts bold, dramatic type.

An agile, bold visual identity that blurs the line between brand and content.

Live action shoot for the idents – interconnected narratives and everyday moments that reveal a hidden truth.