Brand Identity

DixonBaxi partner with 4Creative to develop a new All 4 brand identity inspired by the streaming ‘playbar’.

A sleek, new brand identity for All 4, designed in collaboration with Channel 4’s in house agency 4creative, which includes a new All 4 logo – a 2D version of the classic logo with a streaming bar at its core – and an adaptive digital-first experience across social media and VoD, mobile, big screen and desktop.

Reimagining All 4 as a next-generation experience on every platform.

With a disruptive and rapidly evolving entertainment landscape, the challenge was to develop a sleek, new brand identity that worked alongside the newly unified Channel 4 brands while creating a distinct, seamless and next-generation experience for All 4.


The ‘Playbar’ expands horizontally to become an infinite stream connecting every show.

In action, the Playbar expands horizontally to become an infinite stream that guides, frames and connects every piece of content, showcasing the vast library of shows available. The angle of the leading edge of the 4 is used consistently to create a sense of forward momentum and is a strong graphic element of the look. In motion, it’s fluid, slick and effortless. Suggesting scrubbing through the timeline, revealing show images and titles through silky-smooth parallax motion.

In motion, it’s fluid, slick and effortless.


Two vibrant accent colours, a sharp yellow and acidic teal brings a refreshing energy and digital quality to the look. This is offset with a deep grey that adds a premium feel, while the use of Channel 4’s Headline brand font in its boldest, italic weight throughout creates confident typographic language. From simple, clear headings online to unstructured, offset layouts in print and social and on-air.

The rebrand will be rolled out across the whole of All 4 including promotional trails, social media and VoD across mobile, big screen and desktop.

Every aspect of the brand has been refined to create a digital-first user experience. With the Playbar integrated into everything from the UI and actual streaming bar in the All 4 app when watching content to on-air promos, social stories with a powerful use of typography and strikingly graphic outdoor billboards.


Social channels come to life with a bold attitude and a seamless brand experience.

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