Our clients are ambitious, diverse and want positive change.

We work with forward-thinking companies to create authentic and distinct strategies, identities and immersive brand experiences. We partner with them to help accelerate their goals and create a framework for building courageous, enduring companies. We do this for media, entertainment, sports, cultural and new economy brands anywhere in the world.

DixonBaxi Way.
A process for brand change.

Our 6-stage process has been refined over 15 years. We use a set of distinct ‘methods’ to create meaningful brands and valuable business effect. Our approach combines investigation, insight, design excellence and an obsession with getting it right. This agile and immersive process facilitates decision-making and can produce remarkable results.

1. Initiate
Defining the project

Defining the scope, teams, and ambition using our DixonBaxi Way ‘methods’ to set the project up for success.

2. Insight
Immersion to gain insights

Immersion and discovery to uncover key insights. Revealing the opportunities to build a foundation for the brand.

3. Interpret
Defining the purpose

Defining a distinct and authentic brand purpose, principles and behaviours.

4. Inspire
Creating the brand

Creation of a brand identity and universal design language across every touchpoint.

5. Implement
Creating the tangible assets

Crafting, making, implementing the brand for application in every context.

6. Impact
Launch and nurture the brand

Launching the brand internally and externally. Continuing the partnership to evolve and nurture the brand.

DixonBaxi Monograph.
A snapshot of the studio.

The self-published 300 page monograph is a snapshot in time of one of London’s leading brand agencies. It is a reflection of the studio today, our most recent work, process and the insights behind it. Most of our work exists in motion, as digital experiences and on screens, so a book is a wonderful opportunity to curate and craft a beautiful object that embodies what we do.


We are honoured to be recognised for our work and its value and positive effect. It’s shared with our clients who inspire bold change and are driven to make a difference.