The Design Jones Podcast: DixonBaxi

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We spoke to The Design Jones about the beginnings of DixonBaxi.

Simon and Aporva were interviewed by The Design Jones for episode 26 of their UK creative industry podcasts. Hear about what makes them tick, their respective journeys into design, working internationally, their favourite projects from the last 15 years, making their first feature film and what’s important for the future of the creative industry.

“People will shape the future, there’s probably never been a better time to be in the creative industry, because you can communicate with people instantly all over the world on lots of different platforms, and with different ways of sharing your idea, design and message to create real positive impact.”

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Simon & Aporva spoke about some of the highlights from the last 15 years of DixonBaxi including one of the first projects DixonBaxi ever did – MTV2. The story goes that it began with a 3m x 1m triptych painting, collage mash up and turned into a attitude fuelled, brave and irreverent, statement driven brand that, to quote the client, ‘gave MTV2 its balls back’.

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In the spirit of collaboration, they discussed our on-going project Joining the Dots, which is due for a big launch in 2016. Comprising over 100 contributors from around the world, it is a celebration of collaboration and the people we have worked with and admire.

“Collaboration allows us to experiment and try new ideas by working with great people with amazing talent to shape creative that works, together.”

the design jones

And the making of our first feature film Tiger Raid. A major milestone for DixonBaxi and sister company, Story. More news on  the film and launch will be shared in 2016. In the meantime get an insight into why and how we made it and what’s next.

To hear the full podcast, check it out here: Episode 26: DixonBaxi