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Bridging the gap between strategy and execution.
brand guidelines

Our thoughts on brand guidelines - a celebration of work and collaboration.

For us brand guidelines mean both words in equal measure.
Brand + Guidelines.

Bringing the heart and spirit to life as much as the technical assets. We see them as something to motivate, inspire and be a catalyst for great creative work.

brand guidelines
brand guidelines

Guidelines are technical documents to help deliver the tools and assets to use a brand but more importantly they represent the spirit and purpose of the brand.

Why does the company do what it does, how is that important to people, how should we communicate to them?

brand guidelines

They include the habits and behaviour to energise the business and give the internal team, collaborators and other creative teams the motivation to be better on behalf of the brand.

Brand guidelines develop the voice and language with which the brand speaks but more importantly they show how to create a conversation with their audience.

We like our guidelines to bridge the gap between strategy and execution and the way the brand works across every platform, so the design system is native to them all. We will create a document but often a video so people can see and hear the brand move.

Guidelines are something to cherish and use. Something to inspire or excite people. If they don’t – they will just sit in a drawer.

We make each unique to the project so the layout and feel relates directly to the brand.

They are also a way for us creatively to sum up a project for ourselves. A way to celebrate the work and collaboration with the client and kick start the next phase, as the guidelines are only the start! It’s what you and others do with them that is the really exciting part.

brand guidelines
brand guidelines

Check out our Eurosport case study for an in-depth look at how we make brand guidelines part of the entire brand story.