Reimagining free TV as a truly effortless experience for Samsung TV Plus.

We collaborated with Samsung to rebrand Samsung TV Plus with a new identity that reflects the global streaming service’s growing roster of popular channels, huge library of premium content, and effortless cross-device experience.

Symbolising a new chapter.

We crafted a playful yet premium identity that sets Samsung TV Plus apart from other free TV services while feeling at home within the wider Samsung ecosystem. “The brand transformation is so much more than a new look; it symbolises the natural evolution of our service.” said Fran Hazeldine, Head of Marketing at Samsung Electronics.

Just switch on.

The brand is built around the idea of “everyday extraordinary,” reflecting Samsung’s ability to create ubiquitous services with a touch of the extraordinary in everything they do. A set of underlying strategic principles allow the brand a wide range of flexibility, invisibly enhancing every moment and curating a sense of belonging, all with precision and confidence.

Every moment, every screen: introducing The Cascade.

“The Cascade” is a visual device at the heart of the new identity, representing the ability of Samsung TV Plus to exist seamlessly across every type of screen. As the driving force of the brand, The Cascade takes viewers on unexpected journeys through an eclectic mix of content. It has a playful energy that facilitates storytelling and amplifies content.

A sonic identity that delivers entertainment to your ears.

A striking mnemonic identity created in partnership with Zelig turns heads in the opening and closing sequences of the app. The distinct 4-beat signature is a melodic swell of sound resolved in a clear endnote, symbolic of the wide array of content found in the singular destination that is Samsung TV Plus.

The voice of instant entertainment.

The Samsung TV Plus voice brings joyful functionality to the digital experience. It’s inviting and human, but concise too–so users spend less time reading and more time immersed in their favourite content. The new tagline “Just switch on” summarises the ease and immediacy of TV Plus, building on the main message, “The best of TV. All for free.”

“The brand system is designed to look and feel easy, slick and dynamic, and is flexible enough to work in just about any space.”

Jed Carter, Design Director, DixonBaxi