A story-led social and content playbook for Samsung mobile in the US.

With the launch of the flagship, Samsung S8 imminent, and a new Chief Engagement Officer joining, we were brought in to create a playbook that moves the narrative beyond product and technical innovation towards a meaningful role in culture.

Embedded with the in-house Samsung teams.

We embedded ourselves into the Samsung team in their West Village headquarters in New York. This allowed us to gain valuable perspectives from across the business and engage different teams in a series of insightful working sessions and rapid response exercises to help shape the social and content strategy for mobile.

We took to the streets to get a snapshot of how mobile fits into people’s lives.

The audience needs to know we ‘get’ them. We took to the streets to meet and interview real people with rapid response exercises to gain a more authentic perspective. What they care about, what matters, what they feel inspired by and how mobile fits into their lives. This work helped turn data into insights that gave texture to a series of audience personas, content filters and attitude driven editorial principles.

An adaptable, inspirational playbook.

We developed a series of attitude driven editorial principles that can be used by the in-house teams to inspire, frame and be a catalyst for social stories, content and activations. It’s built to be scalable, adaptable, and strong enough to help shape the message at all scales – as big as Times Square, and as small as an Instagram post, yet carrying the same authentic spirit everywhere.

“DixonBaxi are the sort of partner who loves a challenging environment and thrives in deconstructing the complex, offering creative, business-oriented solutions.”

Werner Brell, Chief Engagement Officer, Samsung America