Promax EU Barcelona

Branding as a team sport: The cutting edge of collaboration.

Branding as a team sport: The cutting edge of collaboration.

At Promax EU Barcelona this week, we were in good company, the teams behind two major channel rebrands of 2015 [Eurosport and Channel 4] were invited to speak around branding as a team sport: the cutting edge of creative collaboration.


The two teams took the stage and spoke about the individual experiences that made up each collaboration and why the dynamics really worked.

On behalf of Eurosport we had our very own Aporva Baxi [Co-Founder & Exec CD DixonBaxi], Federico Gaggio [Consultant brand architect to Eurosport] and Antonio Ruiz [VP of Marketing at Eurosport].

Alongside the Channel 4 team – Alice Tonge [Creative Director of 4Creative], Grant Gilber [Founder and CD] at DBLG and Neville Brody [Founder] at Brody Associates.

Aporva spoke about the ability to work seamlessly across different locations, be it in Paris at Eurosport’s studios or West London at Pentagram. Creating open but robust conversation about each aspect of the brand led to alignment and intelligent decision making.

It was a really interesting hour, to share and hear about each teams experiences that led to such potent and creative collaborations.

Thanks to Promax for having us. Stay up to date with our Twitter and Instagram to find out about upcoming talks and events we have in the pipeline.