Rebranding Pluto TV to play bigger in the streaming wars.

ViacomCBS’s recent acquisition of Pluto TV is central to their ambition to play bigger in the streaming wars. We partnered with the Pluto TV teams to develop a distinctly characterful streaming platform brand that lives on the global stage. Unlike other platforms, with 250+ curated channels and thousands of on-demand movies, you can drop-in, anytime. It’s free.

“Keep Pluto weird.”

Tom Ryan, CEO and Co-Founder, Pluto TV

A logo that signals the future of TV.

A logo crafted to feel premium and legible. With angular cuts that suggest forward momentum, a vibrant colour trail and tv icon rooted in the planetary origins of the brand, the new logo is a memorable visual mnemonic.

Designed for instant recognition and 100% attribution.

A unique logo signature is a “hyper-jump” into Pluto TV.

The entertainment destination to drop in. Anytime, anywhere.

A ‘lean-back’ experience puts the audience in control.

“Over 9 months we partnered closely with the super-talented Pluto TV team. It gave us the opportunity to solve fascinating and complex brand challenges: unifying the brand across every kind of platform and creating a brand experience that gives the Pluto TV viewer what they want – a shared, leaned-back linear television experience but with the control of a streaming service.”

Unified architecture amplifies brand partnerships.

The Portal: A visual system that transports you to a world of entertainment.

With a ‘retro-future’ colour palette, the Portal transports, connects and unifies the Pluto TV experience across 250+ channels, brands, and every device. At its most reductive the Portal appears as part of the UI and at its most expressive across promos on-air, advertising, third-party apps, platforms, and every touchpoint. The colours can be used in different combinations and dialled up to be more expressive, or down to be more reductive, depending on the purpose.

Pluto TV Sans. A custom typeface full of character.

We crafted a distinct custom typeface in eight weights, in collaboration with Martin Vácha from Displaay, allowing it to adapt to a myriad of scenarios and still retain absolute legibility. With angular cuts and clean, geometric forms that echo those in the new logo, the new typeface exudes simplicity with idiosyncratic details.

Dropping into cities across the US and world.

Pluto TV grew to 24 million active users, up a massive 55% year over year.

ViacomCBS cited the interface update, new brand and features, improved user experience, and international growth as reasons behind the increase in monthly users.

“I agree the end result is bold, brave and very Pluto. Mission accomplished.”

Tom Ryan, CEO and Co-Founder, Pluto TV