Our Wapping Studio

See where we make creative work.

Join us for a tour of our studios by the River Thames

The demands of an ever growing team means we’ve recently moved from our [small but perfectly formed] Shoreditch studio to a lovely new home in Wapping. We’re still East but now have a fabulous view over the River Thames. As well as the water lapping at our feet we’ve 5,000 sq ft to play with. So we’ve created two spaces. One to work, play and eat together. The other to meet, brainstorm, review and show our work.

A space to create

At DixonBaxi we create a lot of different things. Strategies, animations, scripts, films, identity, print, digital and more. So the space is set up to be flexible. We can find a quiet spot to write, roll out a mini photo studio to shoot a pickup shot or maybe a bespoke editing suite.

Family lunch

Sharing time together and switching off are important so we have a rule. No eating at our desks. Ever. Plus, every Friday we sit down and share a DB family lunch. Each week it’s a different cuisine and we enjoy a bit of  banter around the lunch table. It sounds quite a small thing, but it has a fundamental effect on the culture and energy of the studio. We can’t recommend it enough.

Making our work visible

It’s tough to be objective about projects at the best of times, and particularly when things are busy and the teams can get locked into the computer screen. To avoid this we lay out our work all over the studio. It’s a rolling overview of everything that is going on the studio. Particulary the larger, long term projects. So we can share, ponder, debate and critique. Tear up, scribble and doodle. But mainly gain context, and the bigger the project, the more we need to get an overview. Plus it’s just fun to see the work develop before our eyes allowing everyone to participate.