Bringing IMAX to the home.

IMAX has a world-class reputation delivering large-scale, immersive cinema in theatres all over the world. However, they faced the challenge of bringing the power of that experience to the home in the form of premium IMAX Enhanced technology.

A vivid positioning for the ultimate cinematic experience.

Using the brand’s unrivalled heritage to prove its tech credentials, we built the brand around the creative proposition: ‘Unleashing the power of IMAX at home’. Focusing on the emotion of great storytelling, IMAX was empowered to spark hearts as well as minds.

A powerful IMAX signature ignites the premium movie experience.

From trailers to launching IMAX Enhanced at home, a new iconic visual and audio signature ignites the experience. Inspired by the unique ratio, the viewer is propelled, as if through frames of film, into an inky black, cinematic space — Ready for the most immersive experience to begin.

Inspired by the most iconic ratio in film.

We developed a brand system for IMAX Enhanced, which resonates across all brand touchpoints. The visual system is underpinned by the ratio – the visual motif for IMAX – which reflects the unique 1:43:1 screen ratio of the IMAX cinematic experience.

The ‘1.43: 1 Ratio’ system.

Iconic images from blockbuster films and immersive documentaries are unleashed from the frame, capturing the all-encompassing energy of the IMAX Enhanced experience but with a restraint that exudes a premium feel. The result is a sleek, minimal and confidently simple design language that uses the ‘ratio’ as a flexible grid system.

Colour inspired by films.

Premium, emotive, world-class.

Evocative, reassuring, clear, we developed a messaging framework that captures the experience of IMAX at home while communicating the benefits of the razor-sharp picture, audio you can feel and movie magic recalibrated for your home.

“Audiences associate IMAX the highest quality premium entertainment experience. They expect to see a film as the filmmaker intended. We created a design system that takes these expectations from the cinema to the living room.”

Dan Capstick, Creative Director, DixonBaxi