DixonBaxi unify the IMAX experience with scale, presence and timeless confidence.

How do you bring the IMAX experience to life for movie lovers across the world? Our challenge was to unify the brand through a timeless, premium and sophisticated design and motion language that captured the scale, presence and visceral nature of the IMAX cinematic experience across their breadth of content.

The true IMAX story.

Working in close partnership with the IMAX team in Los Angeles, we embarked on an extensive R&D process which resulted in “The Power Within IMAX” brand idea. We then crafted a series of iconic IMAX signature motion elements that capture the scale and drama of the world-class IMAX experience, along with a refined design language, motion principles and global messaging system.

A deep research and development process.

The research led us on a collaborative journey to discover what the power within IMAX felt and looked like. We explored a vast array of approaches to storytelling and the system – from minimal and architectural to planetary in scale with cinematic lighting and vertiginous motion to fully immerse the audience.

As the world opens up, the IMAX experience will be seen globally.