DixonBaxi create a bold, new FOX inspired by 100 years of entertainment.

In a close partnership with the FOX International in-house team, we’ve reimagined the FOX brand identity across Europe, Asia and Latin America. Inspired by the studio’s 80+ years of ground-breaking entertainment, we’ve reinterpreted the classic searchlights and fanfare into a bold and captivating brand system.


Inspired by 100 years of entertainment.

The challenge was to create an identity that unified the FOX International brand across Europe, Asia and Latam – reaching a global audience of over 380 million – while creating a confident, iconic look that allowed local teams to make it their own. Over 4 months of intense development, we explored a wide range of creative territories. Ultimately coming back to the origins of the brand, and using that DNA to inspire an entirely new expression.

The ‘light beam’ reinterprets the classic searchlights.

Going back to the film studio origins, we took cues from iconic searchlights of the classic identity to create a modern interpretation. A single ‘light beam’ that illuminates, connects, reveals and spotlights iconic characters and stories. 

A bold, iconic on-air look for iconic shows.

Dynamic light beams reveal narrative and illuminate storytelling. Dramatic light gradients contrast with bold typography and graphic moments to create a distinctive brand world, flexible enough for different formats and platforms, from outdoor to TV to digital.

Cinematic idents illuminate and inspire.

Played before every show and film, the brand signatures create a sense of anticipation, and will, over time, become synonymous with everything from The Walking Dead to The Simpsons as well as new, original content. 

Forging powerful partnerships.

A simple solution for a challenge in a fragmented. We amplified the relationship between FOX and the show brand in a flexible lock-up to build strong attribution and ownership.

Dialling up the volume on social.

Social media turns up the volume on the visual expression to create greater engagement and spotlights characters with the light beam.

Reaching 380 million homes.

The brand stretches across 125 countries and is built to adapt to local needs while feeling like one coherent brand. Inspired by FOX’s compelling heritage, and forged to be bold and captivating.

“DixonBaxi created a brand rooted in a profound understanding of our brand DNA.”

Corina Capuano, VP Creative and Branding, FOX International