Redefining how sport is experienced for Eurosport.

Continuing a 6-year partnership with Eurosport, we’ve helped them unleash a holistic viewing experience across all platforms. It redefines how sport is experienced, providing a seamless destination for a diverse fan base and bringing them closer than ever to live events, no matter when or where they’re watching.

A unified experience, everywhere.

Using the existing digital design system as a springboard, we developed a universal brand toolkit. A single destination for fans to connect with the sports that matter most, where the world’s best content is celebrated and enjoyed.

The raw expression of sport.

Inspired by the need to tell real sports stories that capture depth, diversity and texture, we explored raw, layered design systems. From the delicate nuance of individual brush strokes to the domineering precision of architecture, we found inspiration in a range of art forms.

The Canvas liberates the viewing experience.

To showcase sport in all its glory, we created The Canvas, a liminal window into every instant of competition. It’s an endless surface that unites moments, emotions and talent, allowing dimensional stories to unfold.

Capturing the voice of athletes and fans.

The brand has two carefully crafted typefaces from Fontsmith and Cotype. We elevated them to create The Defiant Voice, an emotionally-charged type system that amplifies with energy and passion.

Celebrating the athletes who overcame adversity to make their mark on the world.

Sport is so much more than wins and losses. It’s gruelling training, the depth of camaraderie and moments of delight. We devised a set of idents that recognise athletes’ power to inspire and make a difference in the world.

Guiding fans through their favourite events.

Eurosport serves fans with an incredible depth of content. We used colour to communicate states of live. Everything live is flooded with red while, in replay mode, core blue rules the system. Responding to content, colours adapt so fans can focus on the action without any disruption.

Modular and infinitely editable.

Designed to be updateable on the fly, in the moment and bang up to date. The kit allows regional teams total flexibility. Always.

Fans are athletes too.

Even apparel got the raw treatment. The Eurosport identity extends to merch and swag, with new product guidelines for everything from ski gear to lip balm. We extended the brand experience to showcase potential partnerships with everyone’s favourite brands.