Blurring the boundaries for AT&T’s Discovery District global headquarters.

Working closely with AT&T, DixonBaxi unveils the striking new brand identity at the heart of the modern media company’s new AT&T Discovery District in Dallas, Texas. The brand brings the District with an immersive sensory experience, redefining the concept of a corporate campus.

An iconic identity and strategy for a truly modern media company.

At the heart of the Discovery District is a stunning, interactive ‘Globe’ sculpture that echoes the form of the AT&T logo. This became the inspiration for the identity alongside a set of universal design principles for the destination, brand and system that underpin the entire experience.

A brand that perceives, reacts and breathes.

We turn experience all the way up to create a vivid world. A destination for digital and sensory exploration in a physical space, creating moments of delight. Discover an awe-inspiring spectrum of light and content that is alive and thrills the senses.

An 18-month journey to create a landmark destination.

From the start, the project had huge complexity and ambition. Working closely with a cross-functional team of architects, technologists, designers, developers at AT&T, we developed an entirely new way to bring a responsive destination to life.

Living and breathing 24/7, 365 days of the year: responding to the seasons.

The centrepiece is a 104-ft media wall that brings people together in a destination that is reactive and bristling with life, from abstract art to movie premieres, Superbowl to festivals. The Pulse is the key visual signature, filled with vibrant colour and stunning content, it’s an emotive, responsive and transformative source of energy. 

A destination for everyone.

The brand is a responsive platform for the unexpected that allows AT&T to share awe-inspiring stories, and a digital environment unlike any other. A newly experiential landmark that will unite teams and people through wonder and spectacle.

Colour that glows and lights up the District. 

The brand runs on rich colour combinations; the ‘living’ colour palette is vibrant but versatile, able to compliment a vast array of visual media and symbolic of the diversity inherent in who AT&T are and what they do. From striking gradients to living colour and typographic treatments, the entire system responds to content in an intuitive, responsive way.

“From the start, I knew that DixonBaxi would be able to amplify the tremendous vision we had for the Discovery District to transform the AT&T headquarters into a landmark for Dallas and the US.”