DB UNTILTED # 1: Anthony Burrill – Keeping it simple

We are launching our new series of talks: UNTILTED. Where creatives and professionals in our industry pay us a visit to share their knowledge and passion for what they do. Our first guest, is the graphic artist, print-maker and designer, Anthony Burrill.

In a homely atmosphere, the artist went from his first steps in the creative world, his passion for Acid house and his search for simplicity in every project. While some will know Anthony Burrill for his work in advertising or record sleeves, the majority is familiar with his punchy and clean prints, “Work Hard and be Nice to People”, became a mantra for many professionals, with a simple but efficient message he reached creatives, fashionistas, bloggers and the list goes on.

“I like to keep my work simple but straight to the point. I have this touch of humor, where I don’t take things too seriously, but at the same time, it provokes a serious reaction.”

With a clear philosophy of “Do It Yourself” and an intrepid attitude towards his work, Anthony Burrill, followed his creative instinct to any direction it was pointing him to, “I took a leap of faith to open my space and do my own art.”

Having access to a letterpress, ink and all sorts of equipment to create and experiment gave him the freedom to show his point of view on different topics and make things by hand, “I felt like I was back at University, I just started to express myself and say whatever I wanted to say.”

Another big influence in the artist’s life, is Acid House, Burrill was always associated with the golden era of The Hacienda in Manchester, and as a music passionate and an occasional DJ, he joined forces with his longtime friend Andrew Claristidge (Acid Washed) and released The Future is Now, two blistering tracks that take us back in time.

“I’ve always wanted to do a record, so I did. If you feel that something is right for you, just go and do it.”

For a couple of hours, we felt inspired by his simple but also intricate methods about art, print, and creativity, “It comes from my heart, it’s everything that I believe in. We always talk about authenticity, and this is what we want to achieve with our work. Do what we think is right”

Anthony Burrill was the first guest on our new series, UNTILTED, a new way to get insights, inspiration and share with our peers our passions. Keep an eye on our channels, and join us in February for the next session.