A beautifully simple All 4 identity inspired by the streaming play-bar.

A sleek, new brand identity for All 4, designed in collaboration with Channel 4’s in house agency 4creative, which includes a new All 4 logo – a 2D version of the classic logo with a streaming play bar at its core – and an adaptive digital-first experience across social media and VoD, mobile, big screen and desktop.

Brand Identity

“The All 4 brand has got to work on lots of different platforms and devices so simplicity was absolutely key.”

Alice Tonge, ECD and Head of 4Creative

A next-generation experience that is unmistakable.

“By realigning the iconic blocks within the logo and using two highly distinct colours we discovered a visual hook that is part navigation and part expression. So even without the logo you know it is the All 4 brand.”

Brand Identity

Connecting every channel and show.

The ‘Playbar’ with two horizontal bars – one yellow, one teal – representing the progress bar and the play button becomes part of the UI design and helps the viewer navigate.

Bold, confident, effortless in motion.

In motion, it’s fluid, slick and effortless across TV and digital interfaces to create a unified experience.


Bringing the attitude to social.

The design language seamlessly builds recognition across the vast collection of content arresting, witty, snappy teasers.

brand identity

Standing out in a noisy world.

The striking visual mnemonic builds awareness and with a fresh new look for All 4 while giving it a stronger connection with the overarching Channel 4 brand.


“It felt like a fling.”

Landy Slattery, Creative Director, All 4

“It’s a marked improvement on All 4’s previous design, with the dark background, brighter accent colours and new graphics giving the platform a much more dynamic look and feel. The identity system also gives All 4 much more scope to promote its vast collection of content – whether it’s through Instagram teasers or amusing bus wraps referencing The Inbetweeners’ famous ‘bus wankers’ scene.”

Rachael Steven, Deputy Editor, Creative Review