Bringing human simplicity to Capital One.

In the age of fast-moving fintech brands, Capital One in the UK needed to better reflect the innovation and human-first approach within the business to existing and new customers. We partnered closely with the in-house teams to reimagine the brand through the lens of human simplicity.

A bold transformation that moves from functional to emotional.

The brand evolves with a new typeface, more conversational voice, warmer colours, as well as photography that feels more natural and candid. The brand elements are being gradually integrated across the product, cards and experience and will continue to evolve with the needs of the business.

Changing the brand from within and bringing it to life.

Together with the in-house brand team, we explored customer journey, interface design, card design and ways to bring simplicity to the experience – from highly conceptual and future-forward to the small details that begin to define the brand today.

More colourful, more conversational.

By prioritising simplicity in all communications, we removed long-standing frictions, helping customers forge stronger emotional connections with the brand. A more conversational tone of voice is key to this. As is our bold use of colour – with accent pinks, yellows and teals expressing human openness rather than corporate authority

Real-life. Not still life.

A series of high-level photographic principles – Human, Moments, Close up, Details – results in a natural, unscripted quality that isn’t overly set up or stylised.

A more exuberant personality. 

Bold, simple, punchy statements, icons and natural photographic work together to create a more approachable brand across social platforms.

Sharing the brand journey with the entire Capital One team.

With a team of over 1,500, it was essential to immerse them in the new ambition and direction of the business and brand. A two day event with keynote speakers, working sessions and brand activities helped bring the team on the journey.

“DixonBaxi pushed us to be as brave as possible in our thinking – going beyond the cliches of our industry to deliver a brand strategy rooted in simplicity and focused on human moments. They made each and every interaction as tactile and intuitive as possible.”