Building delight into every step of the listener journey.

Working in partnership with the in-house Audible brand, UX, editorial and content teams at the Newark HQ, we  developed a unified voice and new brand story that builds trust and cohesion. Threaded through every aspect of the customer journey, it is a flexible framework that adapts to the rapidly evolving product and service. Although we are unable to share all of the work due to confidentiality, we are very proud of the work.

Immersed in Audible.

We travelled to Audible HQ in Newark for as series of week-long strategic and creative sprints. From immersion into every facet of the business to meeting teams from editorial, strategy, product, marketing – we gained insights and understanding of both the challenges and opportunities. Together, we identified and then reimagined the key milestones in the listener’s first 60 days of membership – from choosing their first listen to finishing its final chapter.

The Reveal: A visual system that spreads the joy of discovery.

The Reveal expresses the delight that comes from uncovering new knowledge. Rooted in the original Audible logo, it’s symbolic of the brand’s shift beyond audiobooks. Highly flexible, the Reveal system tells stories, promotes titles, and guides the listener through their audio adventures.