An introduction

A brief introduction to DixonBaxi by Tom Harrad.

What we do and how we make creative work.

At DixonBaxi, our job is to help brands express themselves. We make creative work, linking together ideas and products with strategies, systems and design, allowing companies to connect to billions of people around the globe. Since 2001 we have worked with a huge variety of businesses; reinvigorating organisations, inspiring innovation and fostering team culture to bring brands to life across all platforms. We pride ourselves as much on our organisational strategies as on our ability to deliver striking, unpredictable design. In our eyes, one cannot succeed without the other.

These days the dialogue between company and consumer is more frenetic and cacophonous than ever, and so appearing to be authentic is vital. However, authenticity is not an appearance. It comes only when a business is sure of its audience, its values and direction as well as its image. So for us, branding is more than just a matter for marketing departments. The look, ethos and purpose of a brand cannot simply be outward-facing, but should drill right through the core of a business; so sometimes a rebrand also has to mean a restructure, a reshuffle, and a rethink. It’s not always easy, but when our clients are up for the challenge, we empower them to change for the better.

That change is about initiating cultural impact.

What we do, is use words, images and business experience to generate new ideas and help brands forge meaningful connections with real people. The work we produce is arresting and dynamic, because it is informed by years of making things; years of responding to briefs, of breaking new ground, and perfecting new techniques to solve creative problems. We provide clients with the help they often don’t even realise they need. From film and animation, to two and three-dimensional design, taking joy and care in our craft is where we started – and it will always be a part of where we are headed too.

Our work is complete once our clients are furnished with the tools and techniques they need to strengthen that crucial relationship with their audiences. If a solid brand is like a solid building, then DixonBaxi are architects, receding only once the design and the structure is complete. What we leave behind is a business which is beautiful and buzzing with life: able to grow and make a positive impact on the lives of ordinary people. Because after all, they are who we are all really working for.