Redefining the Premier League experience for Amazon Prime Video.

We created a refined and intuitive match graphics system for Amazon’s first move into streaming live football. With exclusive rights to 20 matches a season, it is the first time that any pure streaming or OTT service has exclusively shown live Premier League matches in the UK. Sunset+Vine produced the coverage for Amazon.

Premier League brings record number of sign-ups to Amazon Prime.

The Guardian.

Uniting two iconic identities.

Forging a strong visual relationship between the Premier League icon and Amazon ‘smile’ was at the heart of the challenge. The two icons are set within an emblematic directional arrow that becomes a central visual and motion narrative for the entire system.

Refined for instant clarity.

We developed a sleek, minimal live match graphics system – stripped back, simple, refined with no superfluous design. Designed to make fans feel instantly at home with the service, it instils confidence in Amazon’s commitment to football and the future of sports broadcasting.

Intuitive, immediate, fan-first – like Amazon.

The live graphic system is all about restraint, with minimal flourishes and a focus on legibility. Inspired by the user interface of the app, it delivers a clean, information graphic aesthetic.

Effortless motion for immediacy.

A motion language where user interface meets the flow of the game. Agile and effortless, it’s focused on simplicity and coherence.

Stats with clarity and insight.

PX Grotesk, a monospaced font with evenly spaced characters display statistics and match information with clarity and focus. A distinct element of the system that creates a seamless visual coherence across the action and the Prime Video app.

Colour owned by Prime.

The rarified palette brings confident simplicity to the system, while lending team colours visual prominence.

Every moment, every detail, crafted.

Hundreds of assets designed with pixel-perfect precision.

“We’re delighted that millions of football fans enjoyed watching Amazon’s first-ever round of Premier League matches on Prime Video. We are thrilled and humbled by the positive response from Prime members.”

Alex Green, Amazon Prime Video, Managing Director of Sport, Europe.