DixonBaxi partner with 4creative to revolutionise the All 4 brand

Be Brave. Fuel Creativity.

Earlier this year, Channel 4 challenged us to create a new sleek, cross-functional brand identity for their streaming service All 4, in three-months. At the heart of our approach was genuine, open collaboration.

“During the pitch, DixonBaxi showed us their creative process, which woke us up and just made us feel like our spirits were connected” – Landy Slattery, Channel 4.

That ‘Goldilocks’ moment

Following the launch, we gathered at our studio in London with our respective creative directors 4creative’s Landy Slattery and DixonBaxi’s Harry Ead, to discuss how creative chemistry and a brave spirit can create future-led design system.

Pivotal to the concept was the streaming “playbar”. This was the first idea, but the team were aligned that it was the right one.

“Know when the Goldilocks moment happens – Be Brave enough to know when that happens”
– Landy Slattery

‘Believe in your ideas and bring the whole team with you’ was the key take-away.

Act quickly to fuel creativity

Starting with a four days creative sprint, DixonBaxi were able to immerse themselves in the core of All 4 and create what it would be the first and final concept for the ident. Turning a challenge into an opportunity, the 12 week timeline meant decisions were made quickly, giving teams the freedom and control to progress with the original concept quickly and decisively.

“Let’s leap into the future with the streaming bar”

– Landy Slattery

Fear & stakeholders

Getting stakeholders on board with a single and first concept, was an additional challenge that added fuel to the creative fire. Everyone had to champion the idea.

“In any creative process, 30% is the idea and the rest is how you sell it.”
– Harry Ead

Questions around the execution including the lack of an obvious “play” button also unearthed challenges, in getting stakeholders onboard. Together, we worked to overcome fear and push the idea forward.

The end result

The outcome was an All 4 logo – a 2D version of the classic logo, with a streaming bar at its core.  We adopted the ‘4’ heritage— the same as used across all Channel 4 brands.

The new brand identity creates a distinct, seamless and next-generation experience for All 4.