The year we turned 20.

2021 marks our 20th anniversary, and 20 years on we have the same passion and hunger for creativity as we’ve always had. From the original list that defined our ethos when we began to a studio of over 40 creatives working with iconic brands across the world – we’re looking forward to what’s next. Hello future.

It’s time to Hulu.

We began the year, still in lockdown, and working furiously and with focus in partnership with our friends at Hulu. Crafting, testing, creating a brand system – the Vessel – inspired by the origins of the Hulu name. It was with great excitement that we were able to reveal, the new – full of swagger – Hulu in March this year.

4.5 days, 2 in, 3 remote.

As the world started opening up, our hybrid week is working well and we’re pleased to have kept hold of the half day Friday for the whole year. We’re doing it together, listening to the team and adapting. There’s lots to do, and hopefully we’ll continue to learn, find better ways of working, and grow stronger. 

Down by the water.

Working on a project that will unfold over the next decade is a big responsibility. Learning from, and being inspired by the community was a wonderful experience as we developed the Canada Water brand for the future.

Talks, podcasts, open-source creativity.

We believe in being as open-source as possible. Throughout the year we were honoured to be part of conferences across the world and on podcasts run by passionate creative entrepreneurs. Every interaction and conversation was an opportunity to share, learn, grow and adapt with and for the creative community.

Check out Designyatra, RightAligned, Creative Boom.

Lighting up ESPN.

In Dutch football, the club is always greater than the individual, it is greater than the league itself. We united a global ESPN brand with a local audience by creating a system that feels responsive to the drama that surrounds the game including every club, player, moment and fan.

The DixonBaxi Way.

In the summer we released the full series of The DixonBaxi Way. A discussion on the power of creativity. The films cover the essential drivers of our creative process, navigating the challenges along the journey to create great work, defining your own creative path, and a way of working that is both fulfilling and self-determined.

Watch the full series. Free.

We chatted to Creative Review about design past, present and future.

Catch the full article here.

Motoring nirvana for the masses.

We’re mad for cars, so the opportunity to work with the BBC Top Gear team to explore the future of the experience was a highlight. The biggest challenge was to create a truly flexible platform and design system that captures the uniquely entertaining Top Gear attitude and blend of fun with world-class content.

Our 2nd year supporting Creative Lives in Progress.

We continue our support and partnership of the valuable, rewarding, inspiring and open platform that is Creative Lives in Progress. It’s an inclusive creative careers resource, on a mission to transform the way emerging talent access, understand and connect with the industry. Something we believe in too.

Proud to sponsor the next generation of creatives.

It was great to welcome new talent and fresh thinking with Yuqin (Beijing) and Parker (Dallas) joining the DixonBaxi team as part of the World’s Greatest Internship. Over two months they were immersed in everything we do, part of the team, working real-time and across the world.

Find out more about the great work WGI do.

Digital editions.

We followed up our digital-first release of Be Brave V2 with a digital edition of our 2017 Monograph with a never-before-seen bonus section of 80 new pages. Free for everyone, anywhere to dip into and enjoy.

Jump in, go full screen and enjoy.

The power of creativity can shape our future.

We spoke to creative leaders across the industry and beyond to get a diverse set of perspectives on the power of creativity to help shape, redefine and invent the future. Positivity, empathy, simplicity, a focus on people, and the value we all bring together are some of the powerful themes that resonate in this collection of inspiring ideas. It offers a bold opportunity; our chance to design a more responsible world.

See all of the inspirational insights.

Blurring the boundaries for AT&T’s Discovery District global headquarters.

A new brand for AT&T HQ in Dallas is a new centre for the city. A rewarding project that brought together architecture, technology, design, sound, motion and so much more to create one seamless destination for the community.

Thank you.

We are nothing without the positivity, passion and creativity of our team, collaborators and clients.