TRT World
Where news inspires change.


DixonBaxi were approached by the Turkish state broadcaster TRT to create an English-language news brand. TRT World, headquartered in Istanbul, is tasked with transmitting an alternative viewpoint on global and domestic events, challenging perceived narratives and providing a much needed new perspective on news.


Our role was to help frame the editorial principles, define brand strategy and develop an full identity system from the ground up that is truly global, confident and sets the agenda. A digital first approach informed design and motion whilst a defining strategy – Where News Inspires Change – underpins the channel ethos. Turkish DNA runs throughout the channel from gestural motions and colours through to logo design and audio helping root the channel at the intersection of the world.


With a successful launch in Turkey, cutting edge studios and a global roll-out through 2017, TRT World is set to begin it’s journey as a global news organisation – with an ambition to rival the likes of CNN and the BBC on the world stage.

A mission to expand understanding,
challenge assumptions, encourage
debate and influence positive

A brand system delivered in
a fluid and effortless manner.

A full content driven
web, mobile and
app design.

Creating content, stories
and brand messages.

13 brand films express and capture the editorial
values and focus of the news coverage.

Global brand guidelines.