The future of work.


Working in close partnership with British Land, DixonBaxi undertook a 6 month strategic and creative process to name, develop and launch an entirely new brand for the business.

Created to fill a clear gap in the London office market which customers say is not being satisfied, Storey provides offices for companies employing between 20 and 70 people who have outgrown co-working space and whose needs have evolved.


From the outset, there was an ambition to flip convention – moving from landlord and tenant, jargon and complexity to a service experience built on partnership, simplicity and transparency. This was clear from the initial insight work and immersive one week strategic workshop – led by EatBigFish.

We originated a new name – Storey – to capture the focus of the brand and service. More than a building – it’s about the people and businesses inside. Supporting and amplifying their culture, productivity and work – ultimately helping tell their story.


The brand scheme will extend across interior design from furnishing, flooring, signage, wayfinding graphics as well as literature and short films with a digital experience to follow as the brand and service expands across new Storey locations. At launch, 80,000 square feet of flexible workspace is already being fitted out. An additional 80,000 square feet of space has been earmarked for a further wave of Storey openings over the rest of the year.

A new brand for British Land, Storey heralds the future of work.

The identity tells mini visual stories to reflect ideas of growth, collaboration and productivity.

More than a building – it’s about the people and businesses inside.

Developed in close partnership with British Land through a series of strategic and creative sprints. Engaging stakeholders across the business.