Are you Freeviewer?


Freeview is a digital terrestrial television platform in the UK. They recruited us to help reenergise the brand. To give it a challenger mindset and help make Freeview front of mind again for millions of viewers.


Over 6 months we developed a new strategy and brand identity that gives Freeview redefines Freeview for the future. Featuring a dynamic new logo system, comprehensive visual identity. From packaging for new TVs and set-top boxes and a more human tone of voice to digital communications and advertising.


Audiences now identify with Freeview and how it fits into their lives. A previously confusing, opaque brand now competes as one of the leading digital TV platforms. Now in over 20 million homes across the UK.

A brand identity that reflects the sense of freedom and fun this new offering provides, whilst giving Freeview a distinctly premium feel. The illuminated logo system is full of energy, its flowing shape and colour giving a sense of motion.

Characterful and bold, the brand
simplifies complex ideas.

Vibrant, illuminated, alive.

A new master brand.
A suite of sub brands
and services.