Spark change.


We’ve partnered with CNBC International to re-launch their ad-sales team and content studio as a full-service, in-house commercial agency called CNBC Catalyst. CNBC Catalyst will connect advertisers to the world’s most powerful audience through powerful ideas. The rebrand was commissioned to firmly reassert the network’s commercial position in the global advertising marketplace.


Working closely with senior CNBC International stakeholders in London and Singapore, DixonBaxi refined the strategy for Catalyst, developing its purpose, tone of voice and identity underpinned with a strapline ‘Spark Change’. Catalyst provides a rare chance to ignite reactions from the world’s most powerful. This exclusive and high-level access led DixonBaxi to consider the identity through the lens of an exclusive members’ club.


We are proud to partner with CNBC International to shape a creative and commercial agency within the business. One that leverages three decades of experience of curating the global business conversation and creating an exclusive experience that makes CNBC Catalyst the secret door to the C-Suite. The initial roll-out will include a website, internal launch plan and digital literature. Further applications are expected to launch over the course of the year.

Mixing the famous CNBC colour and
creating a kinetic palette.

CNBC Catalyst

Premium and highly exclusive identity.