Ciao semplicità.


Rimini based ›bluenext‹ are specialists in accounting software and financial technology, holding multiple tools to help negotiate the incredibly complex world of Italian fiscal law. They were looking for a revitalised brand and product architecture to pull together multiple tools and systems under a unified proposal – in the process galvanising existing clients, attracting new entrepreneurial customers and providing a coherent and inspiring new united vision for the company staff.


›bluenext‹ creates order from chaos and provides vital insight and clarity for businesses. The new design system expresses this simplicity with the use of a rarified palette and an underlying grid system that can be remixed to create hundreds of compositions. These tell reductive visual stories that depict ›bluenext‹ human, simple and agile approach to technology. From growth to simplification to clarity of information. The system is designed to be flexible, sophisticated with a playful quality.


The project has successfully given the company a mission and a focus.  It’s helped employees understand the unique position in the marketplace; and its given the customer a clear point of differentiation from the competition.  By finding and celebrating simplicity for ›bluenext‹ we have given them a tool that will be the foundation for future marketing and brand exercises, as well as being a trait that customers will relate to for many years to come.

Beautifully simple.

A confident graphic palette.