Three is a magic number

Collaborative design play

Design play from the studio.

Time for some collaboration.
When one of the team Mattie took over our Instagram for the month of February he asked some of the guys to interpret his typography.

I created the ‘3’ after having some free time at work. My initial plan was to create a super intricate and detailed design but whilst the design was still in the early stages of how I wanted it to look I sent it around the team and told them to go crazy with it.

I love the different interpretations and how each design represents the style of the designer who pushed it forward.

When interpreting this number three, I wanted to play around with neon lights and refractive glass, I’m interested by the way light bends and the patterns created by the refraction.

I was also trying to imagine what signage at a sex shop in a carnival might look like!  – Daniel


To make this my own I wanted to create a little story to tell – the transition from the bubble to the three. And made it bouncy, bubbly and obviously shiny!

The main thing that I like about it, other than collaborating with my talented colleagues, is the fact that I got to play with our new render engine, that’s how I got the beautiful texture.
– Rinat


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