The Counterpress – Studio Visit

A morning of letterpress.
Studio visit to the Counterpress

The Counterpress kindly showed us around their Letterpress studio

A short time ago The Counterpress studio invited us down for a morning of letterpress exploration. 

David and Elizabeth are the founders of The Counterpress studio. The workshop has a total of six printing presses, ranging from small Victorian cast iron hand presses to much larger 1960s precision proofing presses. On these they print with an ever-growing library of wood type and cases of metal type.

On our visit it was fascinating to see how contemporary design can be created from such a wonderful old process, and a great opportunity to remind ourselves of the impact of digitalisation on the world of design.

Studio visit to the Counterpress
Studio visit to the Counterpress

The Counterpress have also contributed to our Joining the dots project with the posters seen here.

Hand typeset using a variety of wood type, and 12pt Stephenson Blake Condensed Sans No. 7. Printed in two colours in a very limited edition of just 8.

“Ampersands join words & phrases, people places, ideas & experiences, me & you… Our typographic interpretation combines a range of these wonderful old characters to represent lots of individual collaborations, each one joining together to form a whole circle.” – The Counterpress

Studio visit to the Counterpress
Studio visit to the Counterpress

When asked what collaboration means to them, Co-Founder Elizabeth told us, “Trust, openness and the ability to bounce off of each other’s ideas and energy. When it works, collaboration creates something which is far more than the sum of it parts. There’s a big difference between simply working together and truly collaborating.”

We look forward to showcasing The Counterpress’ contribution to Joining the Dots at our upcoming exhibition later in the year.

In the meantime you can see the full list of collaborators on our Joining the Dots page, and check out more of what The Counterpress Studio are up to here.