Promax BDA NYC

We share our 5 insights for making brands mean something at Promax.
Promax NYC

A valuable asset: Brands with purpose.

Last week we were at Promax BDA in New York for the Global Excellence awards where the broadcast industry come together to network and showcase the best in broadcast design.

Every day of the week we shared one insight that helps brands build purpose and create meaning. If you missed them here’s the round up below:

  1. Make every moment an experience.

Making Brands mean something

Let product experience drive connections. Make every moment with a customer something memorable.

2. Design with emotion.


Practical and pragmatic choices underpin client decisions, however, emotion and need drive them.

3. Make your audience the hero.

Making Brands mean something

Make your audience the hero and go to them. Brands work best with a human idea at their core that will resonate.

4. Own an idea.

Making Brands mean something

Most of the worlds great brands are fuelled by strong ideas that motivate people and encourage shared purpose.

5. Don’t let process get in the way of progress.

Making Brands mean something

Combat commodity. Compete in areas you can own, not purely value.

We had a great time at PromaxBDA and won Silver for our rebrand of Eurosport! Looking forward to next year. Until then keep a look out for our #MAKING series. Instagram and Twitter: @dixonbaxi