Open to the world.

Why I'm furious about Brexit, and it's not the economy.

Open to Europe, open to diversity, open to the world.

Words by Simon Dixon, Co-Founder of DixonBaxi:

The last few months and certainly weeks have been a strange time in the UK culminating with a terrible decision to leave the EU, creating horrible uncertainty and a lack of political leadership. It makes me furious, but not because of the economic reasons [though they could be very annoying].

Aporva and I have open and run design studios in lots of difficult times. The dot com bubble bursting in San Francisco, 9-11 New York, the worst problems of 2008. In fact I started my first business in the teeth of the early 90s recession. We’re used to uncertainty and DB is built to last. We have great work, great clients and are more than robust enough to get through any tough times.

What is getting me down is how we exited Europe and the duplicitous, fear mongering xenophobia that created this situation. It creates division. Stifles positivity. It checks creative innovation. It feels so very small minded.

It is the absolute opposite of how Aporva and I think. We believe open, collaborative and rich groups of people always do well together. Differences are what make us better. Diversity is what promotes learning, innovation and variation. It’s more creative.

So we will protect the right of all our team to live and work here. We will continue to work internationally, hire internationally and think internationally.

We are open to Europe. Open to diversity. Open to the world.

And yes very much open for business.