Making creative work.

Mr. B is on the Branding Jury for D&AD Awards 2018 and looking forward to seeing some revolutionary work.

A reflection of the studio today, our most recent work, process and the insights behind it.

Top 20 UK Studio.
We’re thrilled to be number 18 in the UK Studio Rankings 2017 – Computer Arts annual rundown of the very best design studios in the country, as voted by our peers.

Computer Arts Studio Profile.
We’re featured in an in-depth 6 page studio profile in Computer Arts this month. With insight from our team into how we work, our process, crafting global brands and staying creatively restless. Alongside are a series of video interviews to add further insight.

Computer Arts.
We spoke to Computer Arts about DixonBaxi and changing things for the better through creativity.

DixonBaxi Monograph.
Coming soon.

Designs of the Year.
We are honoured our Premier League TV Experience is nominated for the Beazley Designs of the Year. Now in its 10th year, the Beazley Designs of the Year is the Design Museum’s flagship exhibition and awards which recognises the most stimulating new work from around the world across six design categories: Architecture, Digital, Fashion, Graphics, Product and Transport.

Our book on press.
The new DixonBaxi book is currently being printed by PUSH London. The next few weeks should be interesting with bespoke binding and special processes still to do.

We love Vinyl
We’re working on an album. More soon.

PlayLink for PS4 Identity
Using the iconic shapes to express the new connected gaming experience. PlayLink combines smartphone or tablet device, TV and PS4 console, with a collection of brand new games that take advantage of the smartphone or tablet device’s touchscreen and camera capabilities. Turning them into a versatile controller to swipe, pinch, drag, tilt, rotate depending on the game.

Motion Theory.
Motion language research for PlayStation PlayLink.

We have the digital proofs. Next scatter proofs and blank mock ups. We’re working with PUSH London to print the book. More soon.

Summer Party.
Want to create great work? Work with great people.

Vancouver Workshops
Some of the team headed to Vancouver for a week of depth interviews and working sessions. Meeting teams, understanding challenges, uncovering insights forms a large part of the work we do.

What do you see?

Storey Brand Launch
A module system created for British Land and the launch of new flexible workspace brand, Storey. The cube structures flex to express the different services the brand provides. We worked with Gensler and APM Luchford to make it happen.

Podcast Interview.
We chatted to Arrest All Mimics about changing things for the better through creativity. Listen to it on SoundCloud. The conversation starts at 8m45s.

Listen here.

History Vault.
A new wordmark for History Vault.

Seriously Fun.
A sleek, precision VFX heavy shoot last week with our friend and super-talented DOP James Medcraft.

History wins gold.
Our rebrand for History won gold at the Promax BDA Awards 2017 in LA. That’s a little bit of history right there.

Premier League scores gold.
Our global on-air experience for Premier League picked up gold at the Promax BDA Awards 2017 in LA. Nice one.

Thread Events.
We shared the stage with Design Studio to talk all things Premier League. Giving insight into the brand, the thinking, the process and the spirit of collaboration that ran through it all.

Read more.

Nico S80.
Objects we love: The beautifully detailed and minimal Nizo S80 designed by Dieter Rams for Braun. 1968-73.

Type Notes.
A new typography magazine from Fontsmith featuring insights into the type in motion for Premier League.

The Japanese House: Architecture and Life after 1945 is thoughtful, beautiful and fascinating. Go see it.

Snow Blind.
It’s very exciting to see this on the desk. Our latest feature film treatment.

Samsung Times Square.
In NYC for the ‘unboxing’ of the Samsung Galaxy S8. And this epic Times Square takeover.

Global rebrand underpinned by the belief that ‘Truth Is Worth Pursuing’. Full case study coming soon.

36 Days of type.
Still on mission making letters everyday. Close to the end.

Book sections.
One of the countless section mock-ups we’ve made. Constant iteration is leading to a very distinct design and editorial language.

36 Days of Type.
Looking forward to all the typographic gymnastics over the next 36 days.

Objects with stories.
As we work on our book we’re uncovering objects that unlock untold stories.


A projected installation.

Medi 1.
Rebrand of Medi 1, a news service based in Morocco with a distinctive African lens on the world, making Africa part of the global conversation. Inspired by ‘Chergui’ – a continental easterly or southeasterly wind which blows on the southernmost part of Morocco – the design language echoes the flow and movement of the wind.

Art Direction.
Lighting studies and art direction exploration.

Book Process.
We have a book size – well 2 – that are in the running. And a nice conceptual narrative underpins the grid – rooted in our 15 years of work.

Old School.
Classic metal ruler and Swann Morton scalpel. Going through a lot of blades at the moment.

Book Process.
Looking at formats, grids, layouts and typography.

We make digital guidelines that grow and change with the brand and business. But we also create guideline books at launch and have found that the impact of a tangible form creates a powerful moment for the team.

Art Direction.
Modern, graphic
new photographic
direction for History
tells defining
human stories.

Words in motion.
The motion language that underpins History is inspired by the cadence of the spoken word.

We’re hard at work on a new DixonBaxi book.

Design Everything.
We’re looking for exceptional talent to join the team.

Coming soon.
A new global brand featuring this sweet little monogram.

Game stats drive the particle and motion system behind the new look.

Game on.
6 different sports sub-brands for Telemundo Deportes.

Hard at work.

BT Sport.
A small part of the very deep guidelines for the BT Sport live match graphics system.

BT Sport.
Just before we worked on Premier League we created all the in-match graphics for BT Sport for every game and every sport.

Film 1.
Motion rationale the defines the different properties of the ‘dial’ UI for Film 1.

DixonBaxi x Smythson wallet for a premium experience.

A trip to recce our next feature film.

Every 2 weeks we hold talks at the studio. For our team and esteemed guest speakers.

Closing titles.
Frames from the closing titles of our first feature film, Tiger Raid.

One of a series of posters for our feature film, Tiger Raid.

Get closer.
Art direction for a new brand coming soon.

Escape room.
Every project has its own room for ideas, stories, experiments and creative development.

Fuel your passion for Eurosport guidelines.

One of many logo we created for our company, Story.

Absolutely stunning landscapes in Wadi Rum for the first days of our shoot for Tiger Raid.