Finland’s leading commercial broadcasting group MTV Media appointed DixonBaxi as their brand agency in March this year to work with CEO, Heikki Rotko, the senior executive team and their internal change group to make fundamental changes to their operations, internal culture and multi-platform brands including a new brand strategy and brand hierarchy.

MTV Media and DixonBaxi now unveil their partnership, the scope of the project across tv, radio and internet and reveal a new MTV corporate logo as part of the network-wide identity programme which launches towards the end of the year.

Building the new MTV together
MTV is a cherished and much loved part of the fabric of Finland and one of the oldest TV Networks in Europe, established in 1957 when only ITV and RTL existed. Since then they’ve become Finland’s leading commercial media network with 3 free to air TV channels, multiple digital platforms, video on demand player, Finland’s most popular radio station, nationwide News, Sport and Weather and a pay TV package, carrying 10 sports and entertainment channels.

The heart of the project is to reclaim that leadership and create a new vision for MTV that aligns the channels and platforms into one cohesive network brand, to help advertisers fully understand its breadth and range of viewership, and to offer Finns new ways of enjoying its TV, radio, internet and live events. DixonBaxi began the project with an intensive and deep company-wide insight phase to get under the skin of the business and understand both the culture of MTV and audience and advertiser perceptions of the brand. Working from the inside out, they created, together with MTV’s staff, a new strategic framework and brand hierarchy for the company, to create a unified portfolio centralised under the MTV network brand.

Creating experiences that matter
“The new positioning – “MTV for Experiences” – brings to life the creativity and energy within the business. It reinvigorates and inspires new ways to connect, share and deliver meaningful experiences, both large and small, to audiences, where every moment counts and every detail matters,” explains DixonBaxi co-founder and Executive Creative Director, Simon Dixon.

“It’s a rich, immersive yet agile brand that invites viewers to engage in new ways and take control of what they want, when they want it. Also central to the brand is a sense of authenticity and being rooted in Finnish culture, customs and lifestyle. Principles of craft, design and simplicity permeate the brand expressions and identities,” continues DixonBaxi co-founder and Executive Creative Director, Aporva Baxi.

“We want to make fundamental changes to the company’s operations and not just scratch the surface. Our entire operations are based on an understanding of and close relationship with Finns. Accordingly, we have carried out long- term research and analysis to determine what makes us a vital partner in the everyday lives of Finns. The tight relationship between MTV and its audiences is built on shared experiences. MTV has been the home of experiences for the past 56 years already,” explained MTV CEO Heikki Rotko.

The changes will create new levels of experience in all the company’s activities. In practice this will mean new visual identities, a new MTV network brand and brand hierarchy, new distribution platforms for programmes and more live broadcasts.

The project will culminate at the end of 2013, when the new visual identities will be launched on TV, radio and the internet. It will also be possible to watch online streaming of MTV3, Sub and AVA channels via the web tv service Katsomo. The popular portal itself will be relaunched as under the MTV network brand.

DixonBaxi reimagine Finnish media group – MTV through the power of experiences. Over 15 multi-platform brands as part of the project launch later this year.

August 30th, 2013