What’s your favourite piece of Design?

From films to fashion. We asked our team to tell us about design that inspires them.

All time Design favourites – old and new.


Dan: New Order Procession 7” cover.
‘Designed’ by Peter Saville. Or rather, plagiarised from Fortunato Depero. It’s striking, available in a multitude of colours. A vision of the future. Saville was well known for his blatant inspiration of futurist graphics and art, this being my favourite example.. I even have it as a 3ft poster on the wall in my home.


Sarah: Transport by Kinnear and Calvert.
It was both ambitious yet effective. It shows how design is about function as well as aesthetic, and was one of the most wide-reaching audiences. As a testament to its success, it’s still in use 50 years since it was first designed.


American Airlines (original branding) by Massimo Vignelli.
It was proud, led the category and gave an attitude that filtered though every aspect of the organisation.


Simon: HAL from ‘2001’ – Stanley Kubrick.
A Space Odyssey blew my mind the first time I saw it. The sheer scale of the vision and incredible attention to detail from the idea, art direction and production execution. So the design of the sentient computer HAL represents that incredible combination of ideas and design.


Rinat: Malike Favre – Hide and Seek.
This project was a turning point for me, it’s a beautiful project, smart and simple but it wasn’t the way it looks or works that changed me – It was Malika.
The project made me interested in her as an artist and made me go and see one of her talks. I just fell in love in the way she sees her work, the way she shares her process and mainly her self motivation that made her become one of the most successful illustrators in London.


Hannah: Fabian Hefner’s “Millefiori” project.
It uses a magnetic liquid, ferrofluid, to create the wonderful shapes. Very organic. Very wonderful.


Damian: The Tiffany Setting engagement ring.
The first ever piece of jewellery I purchased for my wife (to-be at the time).


Daniel: Malevich’s Black Square.
The start of abstraction, painting for painting’s sake  and freeing the artist from ‘painting from life’.


Dorian: David Carson CV – Ray Gun.
These guys are the reason I went into design. A friend who was studying design showed me a copy of the magazine RayGun. It blew my tiny mind. Loved every single page. kept going back through it, figuring it out. My friend then showed me this CV, there was a switch that went off in my head that said you didn’t need to do or make anything conventionally. You didn’t have to make a CV that followed a set of rules. And here was the proof.


Dervla: Julie Verhoeven’s illustration.
Taught me to draw what I want and make it look beautiful. I was young when my sister showed me her work in magazines and and it led me to draw and sketch a lot, mixing in water colours and pen and ink and lots of colour.


Michelle: Balmain Fall 2012.
Love the structure and beading on this dress makes me want to go to Paris and drink champagne on the Eiffel tower. Designed by Olivier Rousteing he managed to capture the true Parisian chic effortlessly.


Cat: The notebook II by Deutsche and Japaner.
This is a perfect piece of print design, it is beautiful to look at, touch and is something that you would keep. It stands for everything I believe in, in design. Rather than it just looking beautiful it has features that can be perceived on different levels, including, touch, sight and the beautiful fresh print smell.


Ben: Vans Old Skool.
A timeless bit of footwear design. I’ve owned over 20 pairs of these over the years. I love the effortless sweep of the ‘wave’ that harks back to the brand’s surf roots. Simple. Iconic. Rad.

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